About Me


Recipient of the 2019 Dave Cosgrove Journalist of the Year Award – Arizona Interscholastic Press Association (AIPA) / Journalism Education Assocation (JEA)

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My name is Julianna Head, and I am a First-Year Student at Arizona State University. This is my journalism portfolio for the time I served as Editor-in-Chief for the award-winning Roar Magazine from 2016-2019.

I am thankful for every year I was given the opportunity to be a voice for my school and community. I found the encouragement to fight for my district’s journalism program despite the change of advisers, lack of funding, and decrease in class size.

As Editor-in-Chief of Roar Magazine, I lead by example to all staff members of both yearbook and magazine. I encouraged them to be the change they wish to see and I served them in order to help them become their best. The way in which our staff united into a family has always been one of my favorite things about the Journalistic Writing program. I loved witnessing the transfiguration of writing and overall character of everyone on our staff. I always looked forward to brainstorming days when we shared diverse perspectives that fueled our writing.

For the past two years, I assisted my school’s biotechnology program with the Big_R Research Journal. I compiled information from science fair winning submissions to develop a sleek and professional layout. My swim page in Vol. 30 Issue 1 of the Roar Magazine was awarded Superior Design by the Arizona Interscholastic Press Association (AIPA). My work has been recognized and published by third party news organizations such as mynewsmesa.com.

My hopes for the future of student media and student journalism, are that people would be passionate and brave enough to advocate for themselves and their community, to give back, and to be a voice for those who do not have one.